Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow in Printing and Design

The growth of Twitter as a channel for business has exponentially grown over the past few years. Numerous industries including Printing and Design have turned to Twitter to promote their products, connect with their clients and draw inspiration. At PDW Global, we use our Twitter handle, @PDWGlobal to share business insights to outsourcing print to China, tips on ensuring a successful print job and design inspirations. We have compiled a list of 10 Twitter accounts in the world of print to follow to get the best resource and latest news in the world of print and design. 1. Adobe Twitter handle: @Adobe Followers: 381K Any designer worth his salt knows his way around Adobe products. Adobe is the global leader ...

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RGB vs CMYK : The Difference in Print

The difference between RGB and CMYK is important for designers, business owners and marketers. Some art work are made using RGB, computer monitors also display images in this format, however once the files are handed to printers, they do a standard value conversion to CMYK. The end product may not be as close to what is intended. When creating designs for posters, brochures, leaflets and other printed materials, most printers prefer to work with files that are already converted to CMYK. We created a handy infographic to help you with your next print job.

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Common Printing Terms and What They Mean

Having a print job done involves communication between the client, designer, the print management company and the printer. To ensure that the leaflet, flyer, poster or brochure or any other type of print material is done properly, printing terms are employed. These terms communicate what is desired in the design process and the outcome. This makes it essential for everyone involved in the printing process to learn these terms and their definitions. Accordion fold – two or more parallel folds which open like an accordion. Banner – a large headline or title that extends across the full page width. Bleed – text or pictures that extend beyond the trim marks on a page. Character count – number of characters in ...

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Tips to Using Printed Materials as a Sales Tool

For years gone by most companies in order to sell products and gain brand recognition have turned to printed media to help build those lasting memories. Print media has helped many companies present products to their clients as well as highlight benefits, and deliver quality messages, along with consumers holding the message in their hands. Many consumers still like the feel of paper in their hands and it can be a powerful way to send out a message. Businesses in various industries use leaflets, posters, pamphlets, brochures and other unique printed items to capture their customer’s attention. Here are a few tips that you can use so that you too, can sell using printed materials. Direct mail One of the ...

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7 Reasons your Business will Benefit from Printed Materials

Printed materials are used by businesses for various purposes. Most companies consider them as valuable assets that are essential in establishing their brands and selling their products. There are multiple ways in which your business can benefit from printed materials. Here are 7 of them. A space all to yourself Online channels are some of the most important media of our time. However, the number of companies in various industries turning to online advertising for their marketing makes the digital space crowded. Do you have an important message to share to your customers? Printed materials such as brochures, posters and leaflets are effective vehicles for your message without the many distractions in the online world. This is not to disqualify ...

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A Guide to Paper Sizes and Paper Weights in Print

Paper is one of the most widely used materials that companies use for their printed products. This is why paper is an important consideration in printing. The types of paper and its specifications affect the quality of your printed material. Below is an easy to use guide for anyone looking to understand the different paper sizes and paper weights used in printing.

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Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year: Marsala

Pantone has announced its colour of the year for 2015: Marsala.  The colour is named after Marsala, the fortified wine that is produced in Marsala City in Italy. The wine, much like the colour is strong yet sweet and hearty. What is Pantone?  Pantone developed the Pantone Matching System or PMS. This system is used all over the world. PMS standardizes colours so different manufacturers from different locations can refer to one system to make sure they are working with the same colour even if they do not have direct contact with each other. Put simply, if a code is given to a printer in Australia and the same to a printer to China, the colours on the end product ...

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What Colour Schemes Mean for Your Brand

A colour scheme is a range of colours that are used in designing for different media. For businesses, colour schemes are necessary to establish branding. Colours have long been used to evoke emotion and to inspire identity. The colour you choose for your brand affects how your clients see you and interact with your products. Common brand colours and their meanings. Blue Blue is one of the most popular colours for both men and women. This colour which is also the colour of the sky and sea is often associated with calm and security. Blue is often used by financial institutions because it signifies being trustworthy, fiscally responsible and dependable. Red If you want to draw attention, use the colour ...

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10 Questions to Ask Your Print Management Company

Managing a print project can be overwhelming for individuals or businesses. At first thought it may seem somewhat easy, you call a few print shops, they send a few quotes and you select the one you think meets your needs, right? If you’re printing 1000 flyers or a set of business cards then it may not be that difficult a task. When you’re printing a 128 pg perfect bound book, or you’re printing the latest pocket folder series and stationery options, or you’re designing a new print piece for packaging a new product, you should consider using a print management company to help. Most of the time, a print management company will get you the best results as they go ...

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