When choosing a print provider, you are looking for a company that does the job of bringing your message across through printed material. The amount of print providers in the market can make choosing a company to build a relationship with challenging. Here is a guide to choosing the best print provider for your print job.


What customers say about a company is the most important gauge when it comes to deciding on a print provider. When a company has good reputation it means that they have consistently delivered their services to the satisfaction of their clients. When getting to know a company’s reputation, do not simply take their word for it. Here are some ways you can get to know a print provider by their reputation:

  • Online reviews and forums. We live in a world where there is a forum for everything. When choosing a printing provider, this is especially helpful. It is a convenient way to look up client’s feedbacks on print provider or post a question about your print vendor options. If the print vendors you are looking at are not mentioned on online discussions, they can still be a good resource for common blunders or best practices for choosing a print provider.
  • Client testimonials. Many people hesitate to attach their names to products, even the good ones. A lot of companies struggle to get testimonials for their brands. This is why client testimonials are valuable. These recommendations let you know that their clients are confident enough that their print vendor consistently delivers.
  • Getting in touch with past clients. When talking to a prospective print provider, ask to get a reference from past clients. Some print providers are able to connect you to their past clients so that you can be able to get to know about their experiences and get a client to client review on the services.


When determining which print provider to use, consider the entire cost of the transaction. This does not only involve the materials used and the actual printing, this can also include the costs for packaging, shipping and distribution. When making an inquiry, make sure that all of these costs are well laid out to avoid surprises. For your printing needs, you may be able to lower the cost by considering these three options:

  • Print in bulk. Printing in bulk gives you the advantage of paying less per page or item as opposed to doing it in small quantities. Many print vendors have a special price for bigger orders. Another cost advantage in bulk printing is the money that you will save in terms of shipping and delivery fees.
  • Broaden your options. While the printing company down the street is an obvious solution to your printing needs, there are options that are available to you. If you are looking for a printing company in Sydney, you can work with a local company who outsource their work to other countries with state of the art printing technology but for a lower cost such as China.
  • Using a print broker. Since your printing options are not only limited to the vendors within your area, you may need help in determining the print service provider that offers the best price for the best quality. There are many intricacies to a print job, finding a print provider is just one of them. Design, material, distribution and delivery are some of the things that also need to be considered. A print broker has the experience to help you find the best material, like the right type of paper to be used, to produce the desired effect. They can also match you with the right print provider who is equipped to accomplish the job for you.



Printed materials are used to communicate information or promote ideas. Quality is important because you want to make sure the message is transferred correctly to your audience. Quality control, the proof approval process and turnaround time are the main questions to talk to your print service provider about.

Quality control. You don’t want to receive a print job that does not look like the design you had in mind. Ask your print provider about how their quality control procedures. It is also important to know if the company has a color management system to ensure that the color output of your printed materials are according to plan.

Proof approval process. Understanding the proof approval process of a print provider helps you communicate your printing needs to them.

Turnaround time. Having a concrete idea of the turnaround time between the order, the proof approval and delivery provides you with an idea on when to expect your product.


Customer service

Good customer service goes beyond the initial contact. It also continues after the sale is made. Choose a print provider that is able to answer your questions, find solutions to your needs and deliver consistently. If you need a print job done constantly, it is important to find a print service provider that you can foster a long term relationship with. A reliable print provider keeps you in contact with an account manager. This is valuable because instead of communicating with multiple channels, your account manager can take care of your print requirements. An account manager also has the experience required to make sure the quality of the print job you are expecting is met error free and delivered on time.


Ask your print service provider how they are able to secure your data. Trusted print vendors have a form of back up for information whether it is in the cloud or on a server. If the data you are handing over is sensitive or confidential, a security measure such as a signed confidentiality agreement is necessary.

Another important security consideration is if your print provider has a good disaster contingency plan. In the event that they are unable to fulfill their services, it is reassuring to know that they are able to operate elsewhere.

Choosing the right print provider is important in making sure you get the job done correctly and on time. Let us know about your printing needs and we will let you know the solutions we have for you. Call us at 1300 769 764 or tell us here.

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