Advertising is about reaching your target audience and becoming creative enough to retain their attention when you do. Successful companies put time, effort, money and creativity into their advertising. The combination of online advertising and print media is geared towards providing a full sensory experience. Online advertising can provide audio and video, creative print media provides a tactile and visual experiences for the customer.

Print media can also drive traffic to online channels such as websites and social media platforms. Here are ways to effectively combine online media and printed materials.

QR Codes

A QR (Quick Response) Code works similar to barcode. These images when scanned can direct your customers to your website or to any landing page that you want them to go to. Nowadays, everybody has a smart phone which makes QR codes accessible to every consumer.

You can easily find a QR code generator online such as Kaywa or the QR Code generator. These sites will ask you to input a URL, it can be to your website, your Facebook page or a promo page. This QR code can be printed into flyers, brochures, magazine pages or product packaging to help drive traffic to your website or your social media platforms.

CTA (Call to Action)

A Call to Action is an effective add on to a printed advertising material or as an article add on. Call to action can be as simple as telling your audience to head on to your website for more information. It can also include images and other promotions to entice your prospects to visit your website.

One marketing move where entrepreneurs are effectively combining print and online media is to encourage customers to leave a review online or help a company’s hashtag trend using printed materials. A good example are restaurants who put up posters or give out leaflets encouraging customers to use a pre-crafted hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. They can also encourage customers to give them a Yelp or Angie’s List review.

Article Add-ons

Another way a call to action is used by advertisers is as article add-ons. An example is using print to campaign for a charity. An article on a charity event can be printed on a newspaper or a magazine with an image and an address that directs your audience to a page where they can join a charitable event or donate to the cause.

Contests and Promotions

Social promotion is another strategy in online and print advertising. This strategy is popularly used in fashion, health and beauty products but can be used for virtually any product. Contests and promotions are run online through a company’s website or social media channels. Most companies offer being featured in a magazine or winners announced in a publication as a part of a price package. Contests and promotions give your customers the incentive to go online, get to know your products and interact with your company.

Using Print Media

Advertising must appeal to as many senses as possible to be effective. This is done through different media such as text, images, audio and video. The more senses are reached; the more memorable it is for your audience. Combining online advertising and print media helps a company achieve this, appealing to the senses of sight, sound and even touch, to make the capture and retain their audiences’ attention just enough to convince.

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