First Class.

Global Storage.

The warehousing of your products and their world wide distribution direct to your business network can be undertaken from our base in Southern China. Our warehousing option allows you to store your products in a controlled environment and have them shipped to any of your locations when you need them.

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Distribution across your network

How it works

From our base in Southern China we warehouse and distribute your print products to meet your demands.


We provide direct distribution to your multiple locations by using Air, Ground, and Ocean Services.

Benefits to our customers

We improve the delivery time, reduce clearance fees, and lower warehouse costs to give your business end-to-end distribution efficiency.

Distribution made easy.

Delivery right to your door.

One of the main concerns with printing offshore has been the distribution of inferior products. We offer you peace of mind by handling the quality assurance of your products to ensure your brand guidelines are met and then distributed to your locations on time.

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