Printing is one of China’s strongest suits in the outsourcing industry. With technology that has grown so much in terms of sophistication, China is becoming a globally acknowledged leader when it comes to printing.

Numerous companies have turned to China for their printing because of the ability of Chinese companies to deliver good results for a lower cost. Products such as leaflets, brochures, tissue boxes and even books are now printed in China because of the level of quality they have produced.

Is it safe?

Every business transaction, anywhere in the world, has its own list of cautions. This is true not just in printing but in any industry. It is important to choose a reputable company for your printing needs. A reputable company is one that will prioritize the delivery of products to you at all costs. They are also ones who have established relationships with other companies that have used their services. It also helps if you send encrypted files to protect your intellectual property. To ensure a safe process from design to delivery, discuss the proper precautions to be taken with your printing company.


Companies view outsourcing printing to China differently. Struggling companies see it as a means to ‘weather the storm’. Some companies see it as a permanent partnership to cut on the cost of production and become globally competitive. Cost is definitely one of the strongest reasons the printing industry in China have become one of the strongest players globally. Whatever the reason, outsourcing to China can save companies money. These savings can be delegated to other areas in the company such as those towards research and growth.


China is slowly emerging as the global center for printing. Because numerous companies are looking on to China as their partners in printing, the demand for new technology emerged. Many Chinese printing companies have already employed new printing technology to adapt to the needs of their clients. This also enables them to have more output. New technologies have drastically improved the quality of output professional printing companies are churning out.


Many companies focus on cost reduction when it comes to outsourcing printing to China. This is a big factor but what is seldom mentioned is China’s increasing capability to respond to a business’ printing needs in terms of supplies, technology and logistics. Getting printing jobs to China and having finished products delivered to anywhere in the world can now be easily addressed. The country’s growing industry is now in the position to answer printing demands from all over the world.

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