Printed materials are used by businesses for various purposes. Most companies consider them as valuable assets that are essential in establishing their brands and selling their products. There are multiple ways in which your business can benefit from printed materials. Here are 7 of them.

A space all to yourself

Online channels are some of the most important media of our time. However, the number of companies in various industries turning to online advertising for their marketing makes the digital space crowded. Do you have an important message to share to your customers? Printed materials such as brochures, posters and leaflets are effective vehicles for your message without the many distractions in the online world. This is not to disqualify online advertising altogether, rather your printed materials are a great way to reinforce your message.


It is difficult to heavily brand an online or TV advert, due to space, time constraints and designs costs. Printed material offers you the opportunity to create awareness to your target audience and develop your brand. Branding in print allows you to personalise and help your customers remember your company and products easier.

Tell your story

When you’re developing your brand, telling your story is crucial in setting you apart from competitors. Printed material is an effective space to utilise for this purpose. An effective ‘About Us’ section and attractive imagery are just some of the ways to let your customers know who you are. You can be creative with the different types, shapes and colours in print, which all can help you build that brand awareness.

When done right – clarity and quality

Finding a respectable printer is essential to achieve quality printed materials. Alternatively, connecting with a good print management company to take your printing needs further can lead to end products that are both more appropriate with better finishes. High quality print products can not only attract your audience, they are also capable of delivering your message in one of the most effective ways possible.

Offers and promotions

Printed materials have many forms and can prominently feature your product or services or discount best promotions. When you publish your own offers and promotions you are able to distribute them free from the background noise of other peoples advertising.

Generate responses

Printed materials serve many purposes. Some entrepreneurs use it as a form of advertising, to feature products or to promote an event. The less crowded and attractive printed materials are perfect for these purposes. Because you have control over who receives them or where they are strategically placed, they are also effective in eliciting responses from a target audience.

Cost effective

Printed materials are considered to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and product promotion. Aside from distributing them to a targeted audience being less expensive than TV commercials or a feature page in a major publication, printed materials are assets that you can keep and use repeatedly.

Digital Media or Print Media? What are your thoughts?


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