For years gone by most companies in order to sell products and gain brand recognition have turned to printed media to help build those lasting memories. Print media has helped many companies present products to their clients as well as highlight benefits, and deliver quality messages, along with consumers holding the message in their hands. Many consumers still like the feel of paper in their hands and it can be a powerful way to send out a message. Businesses in various industries use leaflets, posters, pamphlets, brochures and other unique printed items to capture their customer’s attention. Here are a few tips that you can use so that you too, can sell using printed materials.

Direct mail

One of the most enduring and effective sales tool is direct mail. Even in this digital media saturated market, direct mail still captures a targeted audiences attention. Brochures are often used by businesses and marketers to showcase products due to their low cost and ease of delivery. When a company has captured their customer’s information on a mailing list, it can be considered a valuable business asset. Direct mail is especially effective for businesses whose target market is limited to one community or a geographical area. Small to medium businesses that serve a certain suburb or district may include direct mailings of printed materials to their customers as part of their marketing plan.


Promote additional products

There is one thing that printed materials gives you that online media cant: time. The average attention span for the average adult online is only 8 seconds. Brochures, posters and leaflets can hold your audience’s attention more than the cluttered and fast paced digital space. With time is an opportunity to keep your targeted market up to date with your latest products and promotions.

Highlight discounts and promotions

Printed materials are also tools to push a product forward. Whether in the point of sale area or through distributed coupon booklets, products that are highlighted through discounts and promotions can be best showcased on branded printed materials.

Point of sale / add into sold products

When products are showcased effectively, your printed materials can act as your silent sales person. These materials, such as leaflets and brochures, pop up stands and other POS printed items all can be placed beside the POS area, in a brick and mortar store for customers waiting in line, or as a take away after the sale has been made. They can also be inserted into packaging of products that are sold. The purpose of this type of printed marketing is to advertise while your customers are still inside your place of business or as a reference when they are in need of more information on other products or services they might be interested in.

Bring to sales meetings/ trade shows/ exhibitions/ networking events

Printed materials make it easier for your sales people to highlight your products or services. Your salesperson in the field should be ready with brochures or pamphlets from your company to hand out to prospects during sales meetings. These materials are also extremely useful during trade shows, exhibitions and networking events. During these functions, your representative might not have the chance to speak to everyone about your business. This is where printed materials can come in handy. They can also be used in strategic locations to place contact details for connections to reach out to you easily.

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