The growth of Twitter as a channel for business has exponentially grown over the past few years. Numerous industries including Printing and Design have turned to Twitter to promote their products, connect with their clients and draw inspiration.

At PDW Global, we use our Twitter handle, @PDWGlobal to share business insights to outsourcing print to China, tips on ensuring a successful print job and design inspirations.

We have compiled a list of 10 Twitter accounts in the world of print to follow to get the best resource and latest news in the world of print and design.

1. Adobe

Twitter handle: @Adobe

Followers: 381K

Any designer worth his salt knows his way around Adobe products. Adobe is the global leader when it comes to creative tools Any designer worth his salt knows his way around Adobe products. Adobe is the global leader when it comes to creative tools and services. @Adobe provides you with insights to digital designs and creative media. This Twitter account also highlights the latest news and best tips for using Adobe products. For more Adobe updates you can also follow other Adobe accounts such as @Photoshop and @creativecloud.


2. Photoshop Creative Magazine

Twitter handle: @PshopCreative

Followers: 39.5K

For all designers that are passionate about Adobe Photoshop, this account is a must-follow. Photoshop Creative Magazine provides step by step guides and in-depth tutorials on using Photoshop on both their print and digital publications. Their stream of new content can be found on their newsfeed for their 39.5K followers.


3. Print Magazine

Twitter handle: @printmag

Followers: 669K

Print magazine tweets about graphic design and technology. Their Twitter feed is the go to for ideas, inspiration and news on all things print and creative media. Print Magazine’s Twitter feed is full of colorful visuals of clever and creative print designs.


4. Creative Bloq

Twitter handle: @CreativeBloq

Followers: 111K

Creative Bloq’s Twitter is full of news, tutorials, free downloadable materials and tutorials. They also feature various artist and companies who are producing quality creative designs. When designing for print or for any other media, Creative bloq is the account to follow for your daily dose of ideas and inspiration.


5. The Dieline

Twitter handle: @TheDieline

Followers: 56.5 K

The Dieline has a very focused niche – package design. If you are a designer or a business owner looking for inspiration on Branding and product packaging, The Dieline is the Twitter acoount to follow for unique designs and clever ideas.


6. Print Week

Twitter handle: @printweek

Followers: 17.3 K

Print Week is the leading business publication for the Print industry. Their newsfeed is composed of examples on how print and design is creatively used. They highlight brands and companies who are able to use printed materials in fun and memorable ways. They are also a good resource for printing news and updates.


7. Printing News

Twitter handle: @PrintingNews

Followers: 17.9 K

Printing News has been around for a while. It has delivered, as its name suggests, printing news since 1928. This Twitter account is a great source of new articles and the latest developments in the world of print.


8. Graphic Display World

Twitter handle: @GDWtweets

Followers: 8,555

Graphic display world covers the many areas of printing and design- from packaging to 3D printing. Their almost 9K followers can expect printing news and insights delivered to their Twitter feed.


9. Design Instruct

Twitter handle: @designinstruct

Followers: 55.9K

Design Instruct employs the expert knowledge of professionals to deliver the top insights in the world of printing and design. They never fall short of exciting freebies and interesting tutorials that generate inspiration.


10. Graphic Design Blog

Twitter handle: @graphixdesign

Followers: 14.9K

‘A treat for Graphic Designers’, as their bio describes them, this account encourages conversations for topics surrounding the industry. They highlight inspiring designs, informative tips and news on the latest industry trends.


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